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What roles are available for apprentices?

What kind of apprentice could you be?



Apprenticeships provide an opportunity to learn how to do a specific job...on-the-job! There are thousands of apprenticeships available, to help you train for over 100 different roles in construction.

Most people have heard of carpenters, bricklayers and architects, but there are also lots of apprenticeships for roles you might not have considered. Ever thought of becoming a steeplejack, a conservation expert, an archaeologist, or a tunnelling engineer? You can train for these roles and many more, as a construction apprentice.

As apprenticeships are offered by employers, every opportunity is completely unique. So no matter whether you’re drawing site plans, buying land, overseeing drilling projects or working with heavy machinery, your experience will be entirely your own.

10 top construction jobs you might not have considered


Case Studies

It was great to use my artistic skills to solve problems.

Lexxi, CAD engineer

When my daughter was born I realised I needed to get a trade.

Ryan, bricklayer

I have been lucky in my career to work on two major infrastructure projects in London.

Katie Kelleher, crane operator

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