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Are you ready to be inspiring?

Join a Go Construct STEM Ambassador programme webinar and find out why this would be a great fit for you

In these sessions we introduce you to STEM Learning, provide an overview of the great work ambassadors are already doing within the construction sector, and outline the part you have to play in inspiring the next generation to consider a career in construction and the built environment.

In each 60 minute interactive session, you’ll have an opportunity to ask questions while hearing about Ambassador success stories. The sessions end with a step by step guide to registering as a Go Construct STEM Ambassador and a live sign up opportunity.

With a variety of dates available throughout the year, we’re making it as easy as possible for you to find out more. Pick the one that suits you.

What is a Go Construct STEM Ambassador?

Go Construct STEM Ambassadors are construction professionals who act as the face of the industry for young people.

Ambassadors often provide the first introduction to the construction industry for young people, delivering a life-changing impact on their future career decisions.

Ambassadors engage with young people across the UK, from schools and workplaces to careers fairs and events, sharing the fantastic opportunities available in the industry.

Who can become a Go Construct STEM Ambassador?

Anyone working in the industry can be a Go Construct STEM Ambassador. You just need to be passionate about construction and the built environment, and willing to share your experiences with others.

Whether you’re a first year apprentice or a company director, we’d love your support to help more people experience the many varied opportunities in our sector.

Who are the current ambassadors?

  • From a vast range of construction disciplines and careers
  • Aged 17+ and at various stages of their careers
  • 45% female
  • People who want to make a difference 
  • May or may not have been to university or studied a STEM subject.

What does a Go Construct STEM Ambassador do?

Go Construct STEM Ambassadors bring the construction industry to life. They engage with young people at educational events across the UK to raise aspirations, illuminate career options and support learning.

Ambassadors lead a wide range of activities, including:

  • Running a trade stand at a careers fair, answering questions and handing out leaflets
  • Delivering a talk, sharing your experiences of getting into and working in the industry
  • Leading practical sessions or workshops, giving young people a taste of life in construction
  • Providing one-to-one mentorship to someone who is just starting out
  • Helping teachers to develop curriculum resources and activities 
  • Network with likeminded professionals, developing your career as an ambassador.

Being a STEM Ambassador is an honour and privilege.

Working with young people through STEM workshops has enabled me to share my knowledge and passion for engineering and use it to inspire the next generation of future engineers.

This opportunity has not only allowed my professional development to grow but has enabled me to make valuable industry and education connections.

- Emily, STEM Ambassador

Why become a Go Construct STEM Ambassador?

Being a Go Construct STEM Ambassador not only helps encourage the next generation of construction workers, but brings plenty of personal benefits too, including:

  • Promoting awareness of issues that are important to you
  • Strengthening your CV as you progress your construction career
  • Making a real impact on the lives of young people
  • Joining a large, supportive network of like-minded people
  • Receiving training, experience and the opportunity to learn new skills
  • Achieving real continuous personal & professional development.  

Already registered with STEM?

If you're already registered as a STEM Ambassador, you will need to join the Go Construct STEM Ambassador scheme, which is specific to the construction & built environment sector. 

It's quick and easy to do:

  • Watch the 'Existing STEM Ambassadors – how to apply video’. It only takes two minutes!
  • Join the Go Construct STEM Ambassador scheme.

Our partnership with STEM Learning

Since 2020, we have collaborated with STEM Learning, the leading ambassador programme in the UK, to create a new partnership to grow the ambassador programme for construction and the built environment.

STEM Learning is the UK’s largest provider of education and careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. 

STEM Learning have over 32,000 ambassadors and 19 regional hubs across the UK offering training, continuous personal development, support, opportunities and local expertise.

Their digital platform acts as a one-stop-shop for training, industry events, feedback and Go Construct resources.

STEM in construction

Go Construct STEM Ambassadors bridge the link between studying STEM subjects and a career in construction for young people.

Each STEM discipline has a clear route towards a rewarding, well-paid career in construction - from civil engineers to architects - and this is displayed by ambassadors who share their own journey from STEM to construction.

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