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Apply to become a Go Construct STEM Ambassador

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Go Construct STEM Ambassador. You’re in the right place to find out everything you need to know about applying.

We need passionate and enthusiastic professionals, like you, to act as the face of the industry and share your positive experiences of construction to potential new entrants who are considering their career options.

Video Guides - How to Apply

Did you know you can join more than one STEM Ambassador Scheme?

If you are a STEM Ambassador currently working in the Home Building Industry, whether directly or through the supply chain, there is another scheme specifically for you, the ‘Home Builders Federation – Skills Partnership’ Scheme.

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Once you start to set up your STEM Ambassador profile, make sure you select the Home Builders Federation – Skills Partnership scheme in the Skills and Qualifications section and tick that you are happy to share your ambassador activity with the Home Building Skills Partnership (HBSP). This will allow the HBSP to keep you up to date with the latest news and opportunities across the Home Building industry and ensure content is tailored to your needs.

How do I apply?

The Go Construct STEM Ambassador programme is run in collaboration with STEM Learning.

It’s easy to sign up:

  1. To become a Go Construct STEM Ambassador, register via the link below. 

  2. Once registered you will need to re-visit your new STEM Ambassador profile to join our construction specific STEM scheme. Go to Profile > Skills & Qualifications > Edit and under the header ‘schemes participation’ search construction and select ‘Construction & Built Environment’ so that we can continue to support you with the latest information and resources to enable you to inspire the next generation of potential entrants to the sector.

  3. When you reach the ‘scheme participation section’ select to participate in the ‘Construction and the built environment’ scheme and tick the box indicating you are happy for your details to be shared. Ticking this box is very important as it will allow us to send you news about the latest Go Construct resources, opportunities, events and training.

  4. You’ll need to complete a free of charge Enhanced Disclosure Check as part of your registration process. Depending on whether you hold a DBS check (or the Scottish equivalent), it could take up to three weeks for this to be processed.

  5. When you’ve registered, you’ll need to complete some induction training and a safeguarding assessment. Your induction will explain how you can manage your own engagements and request resources via your personal STEM Learning dashboard.

  6. Once we are satisfied with your Enhanced Disclosure Check you will be good to go and can start booking in events to attend as a construction ambassador.
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