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What is a Go Construct STEM Ambassador?

Go Construct STEM Ambassadors are volunteers working in the construction industry who are passionate about STEM. They offer their time, at no charge, to share their experiences of working in construction to inspire young people to join the industry.

Ambassadors come from a wide range of backgrounds, from first-year apprentices to company directors, and cover a variety of construction disciplines, from architects and quantity surveyors to plumbers and civil engineers.

Ambassadors are based across the UK, and participate in careers events, talks, activities and much more in classrooms and communities, bringing STEM subjects and construction careers to life.

What can ambassadors do?

Schools (both primary and secondary) and colleges can book a Go Construct STEM Ambassador to come into their classrooms, either face-to-face or virtually, completely free of charge.

Ambassadors show how STEM subjects apply in the real world. They illustrate what a career in construction is really like, bring specialist equipment for young people to experience and make STEM relatable by bringing experience of the everyday into lessons. There’s no limit to the ways in which ambassadors can inspire the next generation.

Why book an ambassador?

Inviting Go Construct STEM Ambassadors into your classroom can bring many benefits to your students, including:

  • Increased engagement in STEM
  • Increased awareness on the importance of STEM
  • Increased understanding of STEM subjects
  • Opening their eyes to more career options
  • More understanding of why STEM subjects are important in the workplace.

Ambassadors also help teachers when delivering their lessons, too – by bringing learning from business and industry into the classroom, Go Construct STEM Ambassadors enrich teaching and learning with current and cutting-edge STEM contexts.

All Ambassadors have full DBS/PVG checks and have completed the STEM induction training

Go Construct STEM Ambassadors are fully supported with industry specific resources, training and CPD material to deliver a rewarding and engaging educational experience.

Some of the activities ambassadors carry out include:

  • Setting up, expanding and supporting after-school clubs
  • Careers talks or speed networking events for pupils
  • Network or CPD evenings for teachers
  • Support off-timetable STEM enrichment days
  • Offer one-to-one mentoring for students
  • Develop curriculum, resources and activities.

Ambassadors inspired the girls in under-represented STEM subjects, such as physics, by showing them how they connect with issues girls care about and their gateway to interesting careers.

Teaching and Learning Coach, Harwich

How ambassadors help you

Through working with ambassadors:

  • 96% of teachers improve their ability to link curriculum learning with STEM careers and real-life contexts
  • 97% of teachers increase their confidence and enthusiasm in teaching STEM subjects
  • 95% of teachers increase their knowledge of STEM subjects.

Ambassadors help deliver key Gatsby Careers benchmarks:

  • Learn from career and labour market information
  • Address the needs of each student
  • Link curriculum learning to careers
  • Provide encounters with employers and employees
  • Facilitate experiences of workplaces.

How to book a Go Construct STEM Ambassador

Full registration guide
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A full guide on how to register on STEM Learning and book Go Construct STEM Ambassadors.

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How to book a Go Construct STEM Ambassador if you're already registered on STEM Learning.

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