The WOW Show

The WOW Show

The WOW Show construction special, ‘Building Your Future,’ is sure to dispel many stereotypes and preconceptions of the construction industry and will demonstrate why one in ten people in the UK have careers in this sector.

With over 80 construction apprenticeship roles, which ones are right for your students? The construction industry is open to everyone and is creating a diverse workforce for the future.

What is the WOW Show?

The WOW Show investigates the wonder of the built environment and the fantastic selection of apprenticeships in construction that are available for young people right now!

The show will include projects and people from around the UK and shine a spotlight on the unexpected variety of employment opportunities.

The WOW Show

Why watch the WOW Show?

It showcases a range of employers and workplaces, which will allow students to see young people like them, who have made the rewarding transition into the construction industry.

With mini documentaries and reporter-led packages, combined with an interactive Q&A, it will give your students a fascinating insight into the world of work.

The show will be supported with lesson plans that link to curriculum learning. This will give students the different pathways to start a career in construction.

The Wow Show Construction Special FULL with Q&A | 39.41

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