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Painter & Decorator

Painters and Decorators work on a wide range of painting and decorating jobs, ranging from simple house renovations all the way to maintaining historic buildings.

The role

  • Working out what materials are needed for a particular project by taking measurements, or looking at job specifications or drawings
  • Erecting scaffolding, cradles and ladders
  • Putting out dustsheets to protect areas from dripping paint
  • Removing old paint or paper by sanding or scraping, or by using blowtorches, liquid paint removers or steam strippers
  • Preparing surfaces by fixing woodwork, filling or sealing holes, cracks and joins and washing them down to remove dust and grease
  • Applying paint, stains, varnishes and other finishes using brushes, rollers or spraying equipment
  • Wallpapering

Qualifications and training

You can start your career as an apprentice for a painting and decorating business. You will usually train on the job, with day or block release at a local college or training centre. A Level 2 apprenticeship will take up to two years to complete, and you can then progress on to a Level 3 with an additional year of college and training.

Once you are qualified as a painter and decorator you can do more training in techniques specific to the business you’re working for. For example, you can work towards an NVQ Level 3 in decorative finishing and industrial painting.


  • Newly trained painter and decorators can earn in the region of £17,000 - £20,000
  • Trained with experience painter and decorators can earn in the region of £20,000 - £30,000
  • Senior/Master Craft painter and decorators can earn in the region of £30,000 - £50,000
  • Self-employed painter and decorators set their own pay rates.

Hours and salary depend on location, employer and any overtime you may do. 




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Progression Opportunities

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