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SkillBuild terms of use

SkillBuild data collection terms and conditions

Effective from 30 October 2017 (ref: V1.0 10.17)

1. Data collection

Your personal information is collected through the sign up option for SkillBuild newsletters available on our website, or by direct request from yourself to a member of the SkillBuild product team (see section 5 for contact details). Only your name and the email address that you provide is collected, no other identifying information is kept, although CITB will reserve the right to analyse unidentifiable information such as how you chose to sign up (for example through the website, by direct request etc.) for research purposes.

2. Data protection

Your personal information will be kept secure using a number of security protocols, including the use of secure servers and encryption methods. Only the SkillBuild product team will have access to your data (unless otherwise stated as per Third Parties below). Your data will kept for a maximum of 13 calendar months unless you choose to opt in to further newsletters from SkillBuild.

3. Opt out

You can opt out of newsletters from SkillBuild at any time by emailing your details to . Any unsubscribe requests will be actioned within 5 working days of receipt at which time your personal data will be permanently deleted.

4. How your data is used

Your data will be used to send newsletters relating only to SkillBuild. These newsletters will contain information and updates relating to milestones within the competition cycle, good news case studies, the latest competition results and notification of upcoming competitions as an example (this list is not exhaustive). Your information will not be used to send information relating to other updates, products and services from CITB unless directly linked with SkillBuild.

5. Third parties

Your data will not be shared without your consent with any third parties except;

  • Where such a transfer is a necessary part of the mailing activity distributed by our third party supplier
  • Where we are required to do so by the operation of the law.

6. Questions and feedback

All feedback is welcomed and you can leave your feedback about the SkillBuild competitions and management on the feedback section of our website. Alternatively you can contact the SkillBuild product team directly with questions or feedback by;

  • Post to SkillBuild Team, CITB Head Office, Bircham Newton, King’s Lynn, Norfolk PE31 6RH
  • Our office hours are 8.45am – 5pm Monday to Thursday and 9am – 4pm Friday, excluding public holidays (in England).
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