Tom works in computer aided design (CAD). He uses information from architects and engineers to create 3D computer models of structures and buildings. Along the way, he does a lot of programming and coding too.

It was exciting to take an idea I'd had and make it real.

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Age 23
Based United Kingdom
Employer Freelance

What made you want to become a CAD engineer?

At school, I loved using computers to create and print 3D designs. I've always loved drawing, and CAD let me get my pictures out of my head and into the real world. Although I wanted to be an architect, I didn’t like the idea of studying for seven years to qualify. So I looked for a career in CAD instead, as it still let me work with buildings and produce technical drawings.

How did you become a CAD engineer?

I did an apprenticeship after leaving school and was able to learn all the skills I needed on the job. My employer helped me gain a BTEC before I got a full-time job.

How much could you earn?

Junior CAD technicians, like me, can earn £20,000 - £30,000 a year. Senior CAD draughtsmen could be earning £40,000 or higher.

What are your living arrangements?

Right now, I live with my best friend (who's a kitchen fitter), but I'm saving to buy my first house and hope to move into my own place soon.