Jaeger drives heavy machinery on construction sites. She has licenses to operate a range of machines and uses them to help to build roads and other huge infrastructure.

Driving on a road you've built is really satisfying.

Case study
Category Information
Age 22
Based United Kingdom
Employer Freelance

What do you enjoy about being a plant operator?

I love my job as I'm outdoors every day and it's always easy to see what I've achieved when I finish work.

What made you want to become a plant operator?

After my A levels, a friend who's a bulldozer driver suggested I got involved in construction. Initially, I had been thinking about going to university but, after a few weeks’ work experience, she’s never looked back.

What's a working day involve for you?

Plant operators don’t just drive machines. I also need to be able to recognise different materials in the ground, follow GPS and read complex designs to make sure my work is correct.

How much do you earn?

My wage varies depending on the machine I'm driving, but I generally earn £35,000 - 45,000 a year. The more hours I work, the more I get paid.

What do you do in your spare time?

I love travelling and my work takes me all over the UK. I'm also a keen photographer. Thanks to my job, I'm never short of new places to take pictures of.