Grace is an apprentice stonemason at Lincoln Cathedral. She loves working with natural materials and using her practical skills to preserve this historic building for future generations.

I'm conserving this building for future generations.

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Age 25
Based Lincolnshire
Employer Freelance

What made you want to become a stonemason?

I studied Sociology and History of Art at university. I wanted to work with my hands so became a labourer after graduation and then went into the construction industry as an apprentice stonemason.

What's a working day like for you?

As an apprentice, I have a mentor who teaches me and checks my work. On-site, I usually teams up with another person, so we can lift heavy stone together. In the workshop, there is more focus on solo craft.

What made you love stonemasonry?

Stonemasonry is an ancient profession. I love that I'm in contact with history through my work. I often finds medieval mason marks on the cathedral stone - the signatures of the masons who originally worked them - and fossils inside it that have been preserved for millions of years.

What's the hardest part of your job?

Aside from getting up early, the hardest part of my job is lifting stones all day. Being a stonemason can be physically tough, but the more you work the stronger you get.

What do you do in your spare time?

Outside of work, I likes spending time in nature. I enjoy mountain hiking and I'm teaching myself how to use wood to make useful things.