Want a career that makes a difference? That can change lives and transform communities? That can improve the environment for generations to come?

Few industries have as a deep and lasting impact on our everyday lives as construction.

Think about it. The built environment around us has a profound effect on how we act and interact with each other. Whether it’s houses, schools, colleges, shops, offices – how, where and why they are built are hugely influential on how we feel and behave.

Careers with purpose

That’s why construction needs people who want purpose in their careers, who know that the work they’re doing is meaningful and enduring.

And this is true whatever you’re doing in construction. Planners, designers, architects and surveyors think creatively about land use, designing buildings that benefit users’ physical and psychological wellbeing into the future.

Managers and supervisors ensure buildings and workers are safe and healthy, workforces are diverse and inclusive, and materials are sustainably sourced. Builders, fitters, joiners and other professionals make good designs a reality, expertly built for positive outcomes.

Part of the variety and versatility of construction is that there are so many ways to make a difference. Try our Career Explorer to get a feel for what might suit you.

Socially aware, environmentally responsible

Construction companies recognise that the work they do can transform the quality of our lives. More than ever, they are looking at better ways to take responsibility for their impact on society – known in the trade as corporate social responsibility (CSR).

This isn’t just about doing the right thing; it’s about putting a better, more responsible way of doing business at the heart of operations, to:

  • improve reputations
  • get a competitive edge by developing positive relations with communities
  • minimise risks
  • reduce costs
  • raise morale among employees.

But following the responsible route is still voluntary and there’s still loads of scope for doing more – which is why many top firms want talented young people to help take up the cause.

Making a difference

Small changes can make a huge difference – including anything from using responsibly sourced wood to turning off the lights in the office when they’re not needed. But there are some really big issues that construction firms are tackling too.

Checking the identities of construction workers, for instance, not only stops illegal working, but helps put a stop to human trafficking and modern slavery – a concerning issue in the industry.

In addition, the construction sector as a whole is getting behind industry charities to support the homeless and vulnerable. For example, the ‘Sponsor a Home’ campaign aims to bring derelict properties back to life as affordable accommodation for young people without a safe place to live. Initiatives such as these help to tackle homelessness and address the UK’s problem of long-term empty properties.

Get involved

With so many careers to follow, there are countless ways you could make a difference in construction.

Find out about the huge range of construction jobs available or take our personality quiz to get a better idea of what might work for you.