We all need a helping hand during our careers. Whether you’re straight out of school or university and taking that first step on the ladder, or you have 30 years’ experience under your belt and want to take the plunge into management – training is essential.

That’s why we’re delighted to work with AccXel. AccXel offer training programmes, professional education and bespoke training opportunities at their state-of-the-art education centre.

AccXel champion a whole person approach to learning and development. Not only do you gain core knowledge of construction, such as health and safety, there’s a strong focus on mental health, leadership and personal development – at every level.

On completion of each course, you gain requisite qualifications – such as NVQs – but you also learn vital soft skills to be able to flourish and excel in your role. Sustainability also lies at the core of their programmes, ensuring you’re educated fully in environmental considerations.

This is all delivered through their structured, bespoke Skill STEPS training programme.

AccXel SkillSteps

What is AccXel Skill STEPS?  

Skill STEPS is a construction education programme that has been created to help people – of all ages, from all walks of life – enter and progress through the construction industry.  

You will build your knowledge and gain essential leadership skills as you work your way through the different STEPS. The courses are structured to help you gain the confidence and self-belief to lead and manage a construction site safely and successfully.  

Here’s a run through of the STEPS – see if you can find the one right for you. 

Skill STEP 1 – Apprentice 

This course is perfect for anyone looking to work in construction at an entry level as a labourer or apprentice tradesperson.  

The 3-week introductory course will prepare you for working on a construction site, covering health and safety, manual handling and mental health awareness.  

At the end of the course, you will sit the CITB Health, Safety & Awareness (HS&E) Test as part of obtaining your Green Labourer CSCS card.  

Skill STEP 2 – Skilled Worker 

This course is designed for those who already have some construction experience, either as a trainee or labourer, and are looking to become a fully trained, skilled tradesperson. 

Over the course of 12 months, you will learn and refine your skills in your chosen trade, developing the necessary skills to embark on a rewarding, well-paid construction career.  

On completion of the course, you will gain a Level 2 NVQ in your chosen trade, which will allow you to obtain a Blue Skilled Worker CSCS card.  

Skill STEP 3 – Team Leader 

Are you interested in becoming a leader within construction? The Skill STEP 3 programme will teach you how to communicate effectively, lead people, provide an introduction to Lean Construction and more.  

Ideal for those who have completed Skill STEP 2, this 9-month programme will help you achieve a Level 3 NVQ in Occupational Work Supervision.  

On completion, you will gain a Gold Supervisor CSCS card and possess all the skills and qualities of an effective leader. 

Skill STEP 4 – Senior Site Supervisor 

The Skill STEP 4 programme is suited for team leaders and site supervisors looking to further develop their knowledge and understanding of site management.  

As well as providing a deeper insight into building an engaged team, dealing with conflict and managing projects, you will learn how to become a mental health champion and manage difficult conversations in the workplace. 

This 10-month programme leads to the IOSH qualification in Construction Health and Safety Management, as well as working towards the Red Experienced Technical, Supervisor or Manager CSCS card. 

Skill STEP 5 – Site Manager 

The final Skill STEP programme is to help senior site managers or trainee managers move into site management.  

An in-depth, advanced course, you will master the art of site management and leadership, effectively engaging, motivating and influencing a team of people. You will build on knowledge gained from the previous Skill STEPS to gain a Level 6 NVQ in Construction Site Management.  

The 12-month course will help you work towards a Black Management CSCS card.  

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