Ahead of the Go Construct Ultimate Quiz launch, we asked construction workers how they felt their personality suited their role. Here’s what they had to say.

Harriet Morphew – Building Services Engineer

I've always been very attentive to detail."

Harriet Morphew

"I've always been very attentive to detail and this has helped me as a Building Services Engineer to ensure my designs and calculations are technically correct.

I have great communication skills which come in handy when I have to liaise with members of the design team during a project. Each design team has many members including the client, architects, contractors and building services engineers so good communication and the ability to work as a team is extremely important.

Finally, I find that my inquisitive nature enables me to look at each project and assess and question which services would be most useful, appropriate and efficient for each building."

Katie Kelleher - Crane Operator

My friendliness and compassion allow me to work as part of a team on a daily basis."

Katie Kelleher

“I think that my ability to listen to direction really suits my role in construction. My outgoing personality also allows me to stand up for what is right on site and ensures that I do not allow anything I believe could be unsafe to happen.

Construction work is team work and my friendliness and compassion for people allow me to work as part of a team on a daily basis. I get on with everyone from site to engineer to project manager.

Finally, I would say that my resilience allows me to push on even during the harder days and my super laid back nature allows me to simply get on with it.”

Alice Clarke - Programme Manager

If you are organised and can communicate a plan then there is definitely a place for you in construction."

Alice Clarke

“In every role I have undertaken in the construction industry (Graduate Civil Engineer, Site Engineer, Site Manager, Project Manager, Contracts Manager and now Programme Manager) I have found that my ability to organise either my own work and deadlines or that of an entire team is a real help.

As a site manager my skills were tested as I was co-ordinating the daily activities on site against the overall programme, calling in sub-contractors as required, ensuring the appropriate materials were on site and that the RAMS were drafted and fully understood by my team. Now that I am running a programme of works I am not organising materials but am looking how we structure the delivery programme for many of our upcoming construction sites and aligning the programme with the needs of the client and regulator.

If you are organised and can communicate a plan then there is definitely a place for you in the construction industry.”

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