Go Construct celebrates its first birthday this month. To mark the occasion, we have brought together loads of ways to help you find out about careers in construction.

More than 400,000 people have visited our site over the past 12 months and we got nominated for an award, but the most important bit has been showing off the huge range of careers available in the industry.

There are jobs waiting out there right now, so whether you are at school or college, or taking a new career challenge, here are five ways Go Construct can help.

1. Find out what construction is REALLY like

Sure, you have heard about construction. Why would you want to work in the industry? How about because there are so many career opportunities right now? Good jobs with competitive starting salaries and the chance to keep progressing up the career ladder.

Look at our Mythbusters page, which was set up to address some of the tired, old construction stereotypes you might have heard before. 

Things are changing. Our industry is just as serious about computers and tech as it is about cement mixers and trowels, and it is definitely #notjust4boys.

Have a look at how the culture is changing in our new diversity section and see why employers need people with different skills from a whole host of backgrounds – everyone is welcome. 

2. Listen to real construction workers

Go Construct is packed with examples of real people working in the industry right now. We asked everyone from apprentices to senior managers to tell us what construction is really like.

You can find their stories on our Day in the Life pages, which include everyone from apprentices to senior managers. There is also a tonne of video content on our YouTube channel, which has racked up 12,000 views since we started.

3. Find the right job for you

One of the great things construction has to offer is the huge variety of jobs. However, you might only know the more traditional roles like bricklayers and carpenters.

If you do not know where to start then try our personality quiz. It is quick, easy and will provide you with a load of options, some of which you probably will not have heard of before.  

Another way to search, especially if you have just finished school and/or already have qualifications, is to use the Careers Explorer. Tick the options and it will use the information to find jobs that are suitable for you.

Once you have a bit more of an idea, our Roles in Construction animations will show you how different jobs contribute to different projects.

The virtual map has information on housebuildinginfrastructure, off-site manufacturing and commercial projects, so you can see who is involved at what stage and how things fit together. 

4. Making the next step

Once you have found something that is right for you, you will need some information on how to get the job. The good news is there is loads of it in our Careers A to Z section.

Over the past year, we have worked with people right across the industry to build up a detailed picture of 180 different construction jobs.

Those profiles tell you what the job involves, what qualifications and training you need and, where possible, we have added the views of someone already doing the job.

If the job profile suggests doing an apprenticeship, we also have detailed information on how they work and where to find one. 

We have lots planned for the next year, so keep an eye out for what's coming next!