As part of our series celebrating Green Careers Week, we spoke to Nick Jerrard a Go Construct STEM Ambassador and a consultant for building services. Nick has been involved in numerous green construction projects, including the Bournemouth University Fusion Project. Thanks to his close involvement in the industry, Nick has seen firsthand how sustainability in construction has developed.


Can you share your favourite green construction project that you’ve worked on, and explain what was involved?

Nick:Bournemouth University Fusion! This £30 million gateway building has ground source heat pumps, solar PV, and rainwater harvesting. Beyond this, the building also uses lower carbon technology to heat the building in the winter and cool it during the summer. The introduction of triple glazing has also reduced energy demands and allowed the building to gain a BREEAM ‘excellent’ rating.”


How has the approach to sustainability in construction evolved?

Nick: “Sustainable design, carbon neutrality, and net zero are hot topics in the built environment and construction industry. Clients and building developers are also seeing the long-term benefits of sustainability goals and methods.

Whilst costs can be higher than initial payback, the building value and long-term community and social values are far greater. As a consultant for building services, sustainability has become part of our DNA and ESG. We need to be on top of net zero.”


Which green construction trends do you predict will gain traction in the coming years?

Nick: “Investment in renewable energies and sustainable building design. Another area that I think we will see develop is ground and air source heat pumps, as well as indoor air quality.

I think we will see materials and building construction techniques continue to evolve, along with the focus on Net Zero.

I would also add that the changes to fire strategy and high-risk buildings will change the way we design buildings and sustainability needs to be considerate towards these subjects.”

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