To mark International Women's Day 2022, hear from three female apprentices about why they joined construction and how it has so much to offer them.

Fiona Evans, Plumbing Apprentice with Green Warmth

I am currently completing a Plumbing Apprenticeship after completing both my Level 2 and Level 3 Plumbing Diploma in Pembrokeshire College.

I am also extending my skills in the renewable sector working for Green Warmth who specialise in supplying and installing renewable energy solutions for both domestic and commercial properties.

I work with a great team and I am thoroughly enjoying the variety of work the job has to offer. I would love to see more girls in the trade.

Fiona Evans, Plumbing Apprentice

Jess Whitworth, Plumbing Apprentice with IWR Plumbing and Heating

I am currently completing a level 2 NVQ apprenticeship in plumbing and heating at Pembrokeshire College.

I love everything about my NVQ. I am learning different skills and new skill levels across working with IRW Plumbing and Heating and being in College. I really enjoy learning and finding out new things as I go along.

Plumbing allows us to be able to provide people with heating and a warm home, when I become qualified I will then be able to do future projects and be able to adapt my skills as a plumber and help many people across Pembrokeshire.

Jess Plumbing Apprentice

Amethyst Howells, Joinery Apprentice with Dale Sailing

I am currently on the first year of my Carpentry Apprenticeship with Dale Sailing based in Neyland Marina. The apprenticeship is centred around carpentry and joinery. I am covering aspects of becoming a shipwright; this involves measuring, marking out and the fabrication of bespoke panelled doors and cabinets by hand, along with the use of a CNC router. 

With both the on-site work and one day a week in Pembrokeshire College, this gives me the opportunity to learn and further develop my skills within a real-world setting. This is key to becoming an experienced craftsperson, as I can draw from experience within a real work setting.

My onsite experience so far has been key in the development of the practical skills required within my chosen field of expertise. 

I am enjoying the experience, and I am looking forward to becoming a fully qualified carpenter and joiner.

Amethyst Howells Joinery Apprentice