As a home builder that specialises in the creation of communities, we know there’s far more to a career in the sector than bricks and mortar.

Construction changes our natural environment in immeasurable ways. You can be part of transforming the world around you by regenerating urban or brownfield areas, creating new communities, enhancing nature and ecology and building a legacy for the future.

That level of diversity means there are roles to suit everyone, whether you prefer hands-on practical work, logical problem-solving or creative thinking.

We need talented people who are interested in planning, quantity surveying, project management, sustainability, interior design, sales, digital marketing and many more.


Few industries can offer the breadth of training that construction can. All the way through your career you’ll learn new skills and gain experience and attributes that extend far beyond anything you learned in the classroom.

You’ll also be working with passionate, inspiring and down to earth people, who will want to help you learn and progress.

Construction is an industry that still offers you the chance to start your career as an apprentice or trainee and end up as a managing director or CEO.

The industry is very much one to promote ‘on the job’ training, and career progression is a huge part of what we do.

Excellence is rewarded and there are many awards schemes that employees are encouraged to enter. It’s testament to the industry’s quality standards that so many awards schemes exist to acknowledge success.

For example, former Redrow apprentice turned trainee site assistant Liam Sargeant has won numerous titles, including GB Apprentice of the Year at the CITB Apprenticeship Awards; ‘Apprentice/New Starter of the Year’ at the esteemed Builder and Engineer Awards and Your Move Magazine’s 'Apprentice of the Year’, as well as being named as Redrow’s own ‘Apprentice of the Year’.


While some industries may only offer the top roles in the larger cities, the growing demand for houses across the whole country means construction offers opportunities nationwide so you won’t necessarily have to move. Likewise, if you want to move, there will probably be an opportunity in any place you choose to live.

The sector offers competitive salaries and other benefits, depending on the company and role. Many positions at Redrow for example offer bonuses or commission, a generous pension scheme, private medical cover as well as a retail discount scheme.

A career in construction will be the making of you, and give you skills for life that are transferable to other careers… not that you’d ever want to leave!