I’m currently attending York College to complete a qualification in painting and decorating, and also gaining day to day experience with Bagnalls.

I began my course with CITB in July 2015 as an advanced third year apprentice and started with Bagnalls at the same time.

It has been really good working at Bagnalls. I’m enjoying every minute. Everyone makes sure I’m able to enjoy my work and is on hand if I need any help. There are 10 apprentices at our firm at the moment ranging from first to third year, and two of us are women.


I was inspired by my grandfather, who was also a painter, and wanted to join the industry from a young age but I felt I wasn’t creative enough. However, commercial painting provided the platform I needed to use my skills effectively. Commercial painting uses a variety of methods to coat surfaces with paint.

I’ve been doing commercial painting for nearly three years now with both my training and apprenticeship. All of my skills are constantly improving and my work with the company allows me to try more hands on jobs compared to my college work. I feel as if I’m gaining more experience every day, I’m even learning about customer service as I have a lot of dealings with clients.

Helping those in need

The apprenticeship has allowed me to work in a number of different environments, ranging from schools to home developments. I’m currently working on an apartment block specially designed for vulnerable or at risk members of the community.

They are for disadvantaged members of the society, it’s quite a hard experience as we all want to do our best for them, but it’s been fantastic meeting the people that we’re doing it for – they are all really great and have some amazing stories.