Are you in school or college and considering your options for a future career? If you are technical, creative, a problem-solver or just enjoy getting stuck into challenging projects, construction could be the perfect career for you.

But what does starting out in construction actually look like? The Eric Wright Learning Foundation, a construction learning provider, have launched an interactive tool which will give young people an insight into the construction industry.

The Wright Site Challenge

The Wright Site Challenge is designed to walk you through the journey to reach construction site work. You will complete a virtual induction, learn about some of the varied roles in construction, how to work safely on site, what your options are in the industry and much more. Think of it as a virtual taste into the start of life as a construction worker.

The resource is suitable to be completed independently, as part of a group or as a classroom activity. It features puzzles, video resources, activities and much more, enabling you to virtually interact with construction professionals and learn about roles, procedures and career pathways. 

Click the link below to get started.


What next?

If you have completed the Wright Site Challenge – well done! You have successfully experienced the journey to reach site work and explored some of what the construction industry can offer.

There are many options available to you to assist in starting a career in construction:

  • If you’re over 16, take Go Construct’s Career Explorer to find the role most suited to you based on your interests, skills and qualifications.
  • Discover the various qualification and training routes into construction here.
  • Explore the wide variety of roles available in construction here.
  • Read stories of people working in construction to understand how they got started in the industry.
  • Check out our blog to keep up to date with what’s happening in construction.

Information for teachers / learning providers

The Wright Site Challenge is well suited for the classroom environment, to be completed as a teacher-led session with the whole class or in small groups across multiple devices. The resource is functional on computers and tablets.

It’s also complementary to Go Construct’s suite of Educational Resources – a set of classroom activities for all key stage groups.

For follow-up support, a school or college can request a visit from a STEM Ambassador to provide students with first-hand information on what it’s like to work in the construction industry. Ambassadors are volunteers who currently work in construction and use their experience to support learning, illuminate careers and raise aspirations. You can find out more here.

The resource has been created with Gatsby Benchmarks in mind – by working with employers it effectively meets all of them. There are more details here.

For more information on the Eric Wright Learning Foundation, check out their website.

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