Top tips for transitioning to a career in construction

There are many ways that you can get into the construction industry. You can get jobs as a graduate, go straight from school into an apprenticeship, apply for an entry-level role, or begin with some work experience in a role you think might suit you.

In this article, we will go through some top tips for transitioning into a career in the construction industry.

Why choose a job in construction?

Variety. There is a wide variety of jobs within the construction industry, providing many opportunities to find one that suits your skill set and desires. From management to educational roles, you can make side steps as well as progressions that will keep your career path fresh.

Demand. There will always be the demand for construction workers, whether contracted or as a permanent role. Projects are beginning all the time, and you can use previous skills to build on your experience across each one you are involved in, no matter which role you play.

Building team skills. Teamwork is often the key to any construction project, meaning you will build relationships and develop your interpersonal skills throughout your career in construction. You will look back on projects you delivered as a team with pride.

Making a difference. A career in construction will make a difference to your local community and those you complete projects for. You can be involved in designing, planning, and developing projects that can make a real difference.

Top tips for transitioning to a career in construction

Top tips


Take a look into the type of construction role you might enjoy. Skilled trades such as carpentry or engineering might seem more attractive to you than project managing or design work. Knowing what’s out there in the first place will help you narrow down your choices later.

Skill check

Think about the skills you already have. Even if you are just leaving school, which subjects have you excelled in that you could use to work in construction? If you are changing career, what would you like to bring from your old job into a new one?

Work experience

Get some experience of the role or roles you think would work for you. Shadowing someone and watching how a typical day pans out can inspire you or show you where you might need some training or support.


Join online forums, attend events (like National Apprenticeship Week), and get to know people who work in the construction industry already. Not only are you being proactive, but you might learn something you didn’t know about a role or meet someone who can help you further down the line.

Find a course or apprenticeship

If you need or want formal training for the job you want in construction, find one that suits you. Courses come in as many shapes and sizes as the roles they prepare you for, from length to depth. If funding your training is a concern, find out what you can get funding for.

Get started

CITB is the industry training board for the construction sector in England, Scotland and Wales. Sponsored by the Department for Education, we can help you transition into a career in construction.

If you are looking for a job change, need a new career, or want to know more about any of the training we can offer, get in touch.

Not sure where to start? Take a look at our CITB Apprenticeships or courses and qualifications, or read our other blog posts for some inspiration.