A mechanical engineering degree will open a lot of career paths for you after graduation. It’s likely you will have completed some work experience during your degree or have some ideas on the path you wish to take, but here are some careers available to inspire you further.

Mechanical Engineer

This might seem obvious as it is a straightforward path from degree to job role, but if math, science, and new technologies are your thing, this could be ideal. Mechanical engineers are creative types. They design and develop mechanical devices, used in engines, electric appliances, and tools, applying their skills across numerous industries. This role could see you working at a factory, helping to produce machinery parts, or even as part of a team that builds space shuttles or aircraft.

Biomedical Engineer/Medical Biotechnologist/Biotechnology Engineer

If you have an interest in healthcare as well as engineering, this is a hybrid that would suit you. Medical innovations and new software are designed and developed by biomedical engineers, meaning you get to influence the healthcare sector and make a difference with your work. Medical machinery is vital, but you could also be working on prosthetics, artificial organs, or surgical robotics. Some biomedical engineers also work with research behind new medical devices to improve their design for future use, so analytical skills come to play in these roles too.