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What is the best source for apprenticeships in Worcester? A good place to start is at Talentview 

The cathedral city in the West Midlands has a rich history, but for anyone living in or near Worcester, there is also an impressive range of apprenticeships available.   

What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a job with training and is for anyone aged 16 and over. During an apprenticeship, you’ll work with experienced staff and gain qualifications by doing practical and academic learning. Your employer will give you tasks to perform, and a training provider will equip you with the theoretical skills to perform those tasks. 

As an apprentice, you’ll earn while you learn, so you can gain an industry-specific qualification without needing a student loan. You’ll be employed full-time (usually between 30-40 hours per week), which includes time spent with your training provider.  

Importance of apprenticeships for school leavers 

For anyone about to leave school, an apprenticeship is an ideal alternative to A-Levels or university. If you aren’t suited to full-time study, an apprenticeship gets you into the world of work while allowing you to gain practical skills in a job. What’s more, you will be earning a wage at the same time. At the end of the apprenticeship, you earn a qualification which is nationally recognised, and which will give you a headstart in your chosen career.  

Types of apprenticeships in Worcestershire

Industries offering apprenticeships 

Aside from Lea & Perrins, which is still based in Worcester, the city’s major industries include machine-tool manufacturing and construction. Worcester Bosch, which makes gas heating and renewable energy products, employs over 2,000 people in the city. The company’s Cecil Duckworth Apprenticeship scheme offers apprentices the chance to train for a Level 3 engineering qualification.  

Popular apprenticeship schemes in Worcestershire 

On-the-job training is also delivered by institutions like Heart of Worcestershire College (HOW), with campuses in Worcester, Redditch, Malvern and Bromsgrove. HOW offers a wide range of apprenticeship options, from intermediate to advanced levels, in careers like hospitality, finance and bricklaying. For those wanting to take their skills training further, a growing number of degree apprenticeships are offered by the University of Worcester. 

Why do an apprenticeship in Worcester?

If you live in and around Worcester and want to start a new career while learning at the same time, apprenticeships could be the ideal solution.  

Career development opportunities 

Apprenticeships offer people of all ages fantastic opportunities to develop their careers. Gaining nationally recognised qualifications at the end of each apprenticeship level opens up pathways to advancing your career in the future, or taking further apprenticeships such as higher or degree apprenticeships.    

Earning while learning 

One of the best things about apprenticeships is the chance to earn a wage at the same time as studying and training. Apprentices earn the minimum wage if they are in the first year of their apprenticeship or under the age of 18, then their wages rise at specific ages up to the age of 23. Find out more about apprentice wages 

Access to on-the-job training and mentorship 

Every apprentice has a mentor to give them support and guidance through their apprenticeship programme. This is in addition to a line manager. Apprentices will have access to regular one-to-one meetings with their mentor, performance reviews, and mental health and wellbeing support. Apprentices also receive a structured programme of on-the-job training, related to a specific job role.  

How to find an apprenticeship in the county 

Steps to find suitable apprenticeships 

There are several ways you can find employers in Worcestershire that offer apprenticeships. You can use websites like Talentview, apply directly to employers, contact local colleges or ask friends or family members if they know of apprenticeships available at companies.   

Tips for applying for apprenticeships 

If you are applying for apprenticeships, it is always a good idea to:   

Explore apprenticeship opportunities in Worcestershire

If you are interested in working in the construction sector, apprenticeships across Worcestershire give you the chance to start building your career. Search on Talentview and you will find opportunities in Quantity Surveying, Civil Engineering, Steel Fixing, Roofing and Plumbing, among others.