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Is there anywhere greater than Manchester to start a degree apprenticeship?  

As a thriving centre of business, creativity and industry, Manchester has huge opportunities for higher level apprentices. It is also home to three dynamic universities at the forefront of developing degree apprenticeship programmes.  

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What is a degree apprenticeship?

Degree apprenticeships are the equivalent of traditional degree programmes, but these are qualifications developed by employers in conjunction with universities and colleges. They are designed to fill skills gaps in the workforce.  

You will need to have the right qualifications, and courses can take three to six years to complete, but you will have the best of both worlds – a paid job, highly relevant and targeted work experience, and the chance to study for a degree level qualification. Manchester is an excellent place to either study or work while you are doing your degree apprenticeship.  

Universities that offer degree apprenticeships

Manchester Metropolitan University 

In developing its degree apprenticeships programme Manchester Metropolitan University works in partnership with 540 different organisations, giving apprentices the chance to earn while they learn. Manchester Met offers apprenticeships across a wide range of healthcare, digital and management professions, including specialised programmes in nursing and social work.  

The University of Manchester 

The University of Manchester works closely with employers to deliver senior leader apprenticeships at Manchester Business School. The senior leader apprenticeships prepare existing staff seeking to improve their strategic leadership skills in any business sector, with a specialist course for people working in healthcare environments.  

University of Salford 

Building on the university’s 125 year history of industry collaboration, the University of Salford’s degree apprenticeship programme offers courses in a wide range of subjects, including quantity surveying, district nursing and professional policing.  

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Why do a degree apprenticeship?

The main benefit of a degree apprenticeship is that it gives people the opportunity to gain a degree while working at the same time. You don’t pay tuition fees – in fact you will be earning a salary! You spend most of your time working for an employer, and part-time studying at a university. 

Study for a degree 

Degree apprenticeships offer apprentices the opportunity to study at a university for a Foundation degree, BSc or BA (Hons) or a Masters degree without the burden of having to fund the course themselves. For people who have gone straight into employment from school or college, it can be a real privilege to learn in an academic environment and be part of the university experience.  

Career development opportunities 

Degree apprenticeships are developed by employers in partnership with universities and offered to their employees. They are designed to fill specific skills gaps and give staff opportunities to further their career. The practical skills degree apprentices learn can be applied directly to an individual’s work environment and job description, so they are highly specialised and relevant.  

Earning while learning 

One of the most attractive aspects of apprenticeships is that apprentices are paid a salary while they are learning. Apprentices must be paid at least the national minimum or living wage, but salaries may be higher than this, depending on the policy of the individual company you are apprenticed to. Construction apprentices in the UK can earn anything between £10,000-£30,000. Degree apprentices can often command salaries at the higher end of the apprentice spectrum.  

How to find a Manchester-based degree apprenticeship

Steps to find suitable apprenticeships 

To search for apprenticeships you can use websites like Talentview, apply directly to employers or contact local colleges. Often your best chance of securing a degree apprenticeship is to work for a company that is actively involved in the degree apprenticeship programme.  

Tips for applying for a degree apprenticeship 

If you are applying for apprenticeships, it is always a good idea to research the organisation/company fully beforehand. We have tips on learning the basics of writing a covering letter and preparing fully for interviews. 

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