Women in Construction (WIC) Week takes place in the USA from 6-12 March 2022. It champions the achievements of female workers in construction, and highlights what can be improved about the workplace experience for women in the industry.

Here at Go Construct we think there could be a similar event in the UK, because women in the UK construction industry face similar challenges as they do in the USA.

What is Women in Construction Week?

Women in Construction Week is an annual event held every March in the United States of America. It is co-ordinated by the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC), a US-wide membership organisation for female workers in the construction industry.

NAWIC was formed in 1953 in Fort Worth, Texas to provide support for women working in an industry not only male-dominated but shaped in wider society and the media by sexist stereotyping. NAWIC gained a national charter in 1955 and now has over 115 chapters across the USA.

NAWIC promotes the role and impact of women across construction. It provides opportunities for professional development, education, networking, leadership training and public service. Whether women are working as builders, engineers, carpenters, project managers, quantity surveyors, senior management or any role in the construction industry, NAWIC offers them a voice of equality.

The history of WIC Week

Women in Construction Week has been held in the USA since 1998. It has grown across America since then, raising awareness of opportunities for women in the construction industry and the roles available to female workers. Many local branches hold a range of events, including lunches, lectures, visits to schools and tours of construction sites. Construction companies large and small are encouraged to take part by showing support for their female employees or by hosting an event.

Women in Construction Week 2022 – March 6-12

This year’s Women in Construction Week takes place from March 6-12. There will be a range of local and national events in the USA, including a series of virtual seminars run by the NAWIC. The theme of this year’s Women in Construction Week is ‘Envision Equity’.

Is there a Women in Construction Week in the UK?

There is not yet a UK version of Women in Construction Week. However, there is a UK and Ireland branch of the NAWIC. Arguably there is a compelling need for such an event in this country, because women working in construction face similar issues in the UK as they do in the USA:

Gender pay gap

We found that 14% of professionals in the industry are female, and women make up 37% of graduate entrants, yet women are paid an average of around a third less than their male counterparts, according to ONS data from 2019.


A 2020 report by Randstad showed that 72% of women reported issues of discrimination in the workplace. This can take the form of pay discrepancy but also is felt in everything from a lack of leadership opportunities to incidents of verbal discrimination.

Events like a UK Women in Construction Week would help to raise awareness of both the opportunities for women, and the difficulties in gaining recognition and achieving equality.

Want to know more about women in construction?

You don’t have to wait until Women in Construction Week to find out more about the amazing careers that you can have in the construction industry. Go Construct has plenty of inspiring stories of what women have achieved in the industry, as well as real-life insights, facts and stats, common misconceptions and even a personality quiz to tell you what sort of job you would be suited for.