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Apprenticeships in England

Apprenticeships in England allows school leavers, students still at school or graduates already in full-time employment to gain professional skills with employers and develop their careers with a combination of practical and academic learning, while still earning a wage.

What are the differences between Scotland and Wales?

In England there are four types of apprenticeship which can be taken. These apprenticeships types vary between Scotland and Wales.

What types of apprenticeships in England are there?


Equivalent Educational Level 




A Level 


Foundation degree and above 


Bachelor's or master's degree 

How do I apply for an apprenticeship in England?

If you think an apprenticeship is right for you, and you live in England, visit the Talentview website to search for vacancies.

Begin an apprenticeship in construction

Construction apprenticeships are a fantastic way to get into the industry. We have all the information here for you to make a start, from what roles are available, to a personality quiz. These will help you find the best type of roles that suit who you are and how you like to work.

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