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Construction Mythbuster Activity

Activity Aims:

To generate discussions which challenge the stereotypes and perceptions associated with Construction and the Built Environment sector.

Activity Description:

Participants are given two sets of cards:

  1. Myth
  2. Buster

They are tasked with matching the ‘busters’ to the ‘myths’ to create an industry Mythbuster.

Activity Length

45 minutes:

  • 5-10 minute introduction
  • 20 minutes activity
  • 10 minutes discussion

All timings given are approximate.


  • All ages

Group Size

  • This activity is flexible based on the size of the audience however min 2 max 4 per group is ideal.

Remember the overall size of the group/audience involved may affect timings.

Further Information:

For full details on the activity please see the Activity Cover sheet included in the documents below which provides information on:

  • Preparation and Resources required
  • Curriculum/Sector/Employability Skills links
  • Extension Activities

Download Documents:

Construction Mythbuster Activity - All Documents
File size: 846KB

Download all documents for the Construction Mythbuster Activity.

DOWNLOAD - Construction Mythbuster Activity - All Documents
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