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Regeneration Officer

Regeneration officers deliver programmes designed to improve and renovate buildings, to bring them up to date in design, health and safety compliance, and current usage.

The role

  • Negotiating
  • Maintaining heritage while designing for the future
  • Financial management
  • Finding flexible solutions to problems
  • Communicating with the local community, stakeholders and senior management on the progress of projects
  • Implementing plans for sustainability
  • Assessing environmental impacts
  • Managing consultations with landowners and developers
  • Using feedback to shape proposals
  • Liaising with other departments
  • Working alongside the local council, relevant landowners and other developers
  • Taking responsibility for ensuring that a regeneration project was fit for purpose
  • Creating project briefs so work can be commissioned
  • Identifying key priorities that need to be addressed

Qualifications and training

As a technical role, a regeneration officer/co-ordinator requires a BSc Honours Degree in a construction, engineering, or environmental related subject in England; the equivalent L6 NVQ / HNC in Wales, or the Scottish equivalent, will most likely be required. Some positions will require a Masters Degree as well, or chartered status with a relevant body.

However, experience is often very important too, so entrants with other qualifications might be considered. For example, experience of sustainable design, current and forthcoming building regulations, and low/zero carbon technology are important.


  • Newly trained regeneration officers/co-ordinators can earn in the region of £25,000£35,000
  • Trained with experience regeneration officers/co-ordinators can earn in the region of £35,000£45,000
  • Senior Regeneration Officers/Co-ordinators can earn in the region of £45,000£80,000

Salaries typically range depending on location and level of responsibility. Salaries and career options improve with chartered status. 




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