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What is construction?

Put simply, whenever something is being built, we say it is ‘under construction’, so it’s the action of building something. This article will go a little deeper than that, as we will explore the different types of construction, all with exciting jobs opportunities which you can explore here

What are the types of construction? 

There’s more than one type of construction, usually defined by the type of building that will be the finished article, or the size of the project. Each type of construction plays a vital part in shaping the industry. 

House building and renovation 

When houses are built, renovated, updated, or changed for a new purpose i.e to make them bigger, this is one specific type of construction. The materials involved must be safe for people to live in the house, with considerations such as waste and energy efficiency being taken into account.

Plans are drawn up and usually groups of houses (often called housing estates) are built by one or more companies, or contractors to make the project as time efficient as possible.  

Commercial and industrial construction 

Buildings used for commercial or industrial purposes are typically used by businesses, retail or large corporations. Much like a house has a specific purpose and therefore needs materials which suit the purpose, so do these construction projects. 

People will work in these buildings, so they are designed to be safe, energy efficient, and are managed to ensure they meet deadlines to open on time and start serving their purpose. 

Infrastructure construction 

Infrastructure construction is building anything which helps link towns, cities, and rural areas. This can include power systems, roads, and bridges (plus plenty more). Think of it as building services or facilities, rather than homes or office buildings. This type of construction is vital to a country’s economy and has lots of different jobs roles available in it. Click here to learn more about possible roles in infrastructure construction.

Off-site manufacture 

As the name suggests, away from the construction site, plans and materials are designed and developed to help move the project along, including manufacturing of materials. Parts may be pre-assembled or put together before installation at the site, with job roles ranging from design to manual roles.  

What is major construction? 

Major construction can be described several ways: 

  • The physical size of the finished building or infrastructure 
  • Whether it is bespoke or for a unique purpose 
  • How much the project will cost and funding it receives 
  • It’s location, for example a road which is being built through a busy city 

Some projects although small in physical size, may still be considered major due to unique materials or location. 

Why is construction important? 

Construction is a vital industry, creating buildings and spaces that connect communities, providing jobs, and improving society.  

The benefits of construction 

Construction provides real solutions for human needs. Job security is relatively high compared to other industries as there are so many projects developing at one a time. Most roles are well-paid and the industry as a whole is always changing, so work remains exciting and fulfilling. 

Sustainable construction 

This is something far more common, as the construction industry works towards building a more sustainable world through projects and infrastructure. Developments in waste management, green buildings, and environmentally-friendly materials are all important and there are numerous roles in the industry you can work in, including a sustainability specialist.  

Technology and construction 

Construction is always adapting for the future. New tech developments are being used to create exciting buildings, especially during the design and development phase of construction projects. Things like 3D modelling, VR, and AR (virtual and augmented reality) are all creating new and exciting job roles such as architectural technologists and hydrographic surveyors

How to start a career in construction 

Wondering what your options are in the construction industry? You can look at your options here, including learning about how to get into the industry via training, apprenticeships or work experience.  

Find out more about different construction careers 

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