Do you work in construction and have a passion for the industry you want to share with others? Whether you’re a first year apprentice or CEO, the Go Construct STEM Ambassador scheme is the perfect way to inspire young people to join our vibrant industry.

What do ambassadors do?

Go Construct STEM Ambassadors engage with young people at educational events across the UK to highlight the many fantastic opportunities available in the construction industry. They help young people considering future career options through supporting their learning, illuminating career paths and raising aspirations.

This can range from answering questions and handing out leaflets at a careers fair to leading practical sessions or workshops, offering a real insight into what it’s like to work in construction.

Young people benefit enormously from this first-hand experience, and ambassadors often provide the very first spark of inspiration which convinces them to consider a career in construction.

Being an ambassador provides many benefits too, so let’s explore the top 10 reasons to become a Go Construct STEM Ambassador.

1. Improve your employability skills

Ambassadors are involved in a wide range of activities, and conducting these support services not only helps build on your current skills, but crucially, can help you learn new ones.

The great thing about the scheme is you have complete control over the activities you complete. You can choose to deliver a careers talk, which builds your presentation and communication skills, or lead a practical group session which gives you teamworking and organisational skills, or provide some one-on-one mentoring which improves your leadership and personability skills.

These are all skills which are highly sought after by employers across the industry, and building them can help improve your own employability. You are helping others while building a career – win, win!  

2. Help change perceptions of the industry

Being a Go Construct STEM Ambassador is much more than just talking about your job – a key part is challenging the perceptions and stereotypes surrounding construction.

Construction is a vibrant, rewarding industry with a diverse range of career options – and it’s important we portray that. As neither parents nor teachers, students tend to be more open with ambassadors, and you can utilise that to understand how they perceive the industry and shape their views.

Construction has more women and people from BAME backgrounds working in it than ever, encompassing roles from architects to BIM engineers – and this is the picture you can help instil into young people.

3. Inspire the next generation of construction workers

This is arguably the most important reason and biggest benefit of becoming a Go Construct STEM Ambassador.

Ambassadors showcase construction careers, but also present the real people who make up the industry. Hearing first-hand experiences is one of the most effective ways to inspire people, and sharing your story is a wonderful way to put a face to the industry for young people.

Not everyone has a role model in their family or school who sparks an inspiration in them for what they want to do with their lives – you may well become that person when you spend time sharing your story with others.

4. Build your confidence

Whether you’re relatively new to your chosen profession or a seasoned professional, many tasks within the workplace can still be nerve wracking experiences.

Thankfully, much of what you do as an ambassador can be applied to a work setting. Activities such as delivering presentations and answering students’ questions can improve your confidence in doing similar activities at work.

5. Become part of a community

There are 6,500 Go Construct STEM Ambassadors, and more than 30,000 ambassadors across the wider STEM scheme.

By joining this community, you will have the opportunity to meet new people, network with industry professionals and build a support system. You can take part in this virtually via the digital hub or in person at events or one of the 19 regional hubs across the country.

Being part of a wider community of likeminded people working towards a common goal really helps foster a communal spirit, while also helping your own career by networking with members across the industry.

6. Work on issues that are important to you

Are you particularly passionate about encouraging more underrepresented groups into the industry, such as women or disabled workers? Or perhaps you’re keen to highlight the role construction can play in creating a better world around us.

As a Go Construct STEM Ambassador you can do exactly that. You can choose what activities you complete and where: you can go to an all-girls school to deliver a talk on careers in construction, or you can conduct a practical workshop which highlights renewable energy construction projects.

Being an ambassador is all about exploring your passions, and sharing that energy with others.

7. Great for continuous professional development

When you enrol onto the Go Construct STEM Ambassadors scheme you gain access to STEM’s digital hub, which provides training and induction materials, as well as resources which can assist with continuous professional development (CPD).

The materials help you deliver activities, while also supporting your own CPD by giving you vitally important workplace skills and experiences.

If you’re working towards the next level of professional registration in your field, being an ambassador is a great way to prove your commitment. Institutions often look for their members to enhance the reputation of the profession, which is perfectly demonstrated by acting as an ambassador.

8. Build your CV

The Go Construct STEM Ambassador scheme is highly regarded by employers throughout the industry, with many actively participating in it. After all, encouraging the next generation into construction is a huge benefit to them.

If you’re looking to land your dream role, being a Go Construct STEM Ambassador is a fantastic addition to your CV which can help set you apart from the rest. It is an extracurricular activity which demonstrates the passion you have for construction, as well as displaying skills such as presentation, organisation and teamwork, all of which are highly coveted by employers.

9. Giving back to your local community & schools

Think back to your time at school and there was likely a teacher who particularly captured your imagination, and maybe even played a part in the current career path you’re leading.

Acting as an ambassador is the perfect way to give something back to the place which gave you a positive experience. It helps raise the aspirations of those within it, while developing stronger ties with the company you’re representing and the local community.

10. A sense of personal satisfaction

Last but certainly not least – the sense of personal satisfaction you will feel when inspiring others is incredibly powerful.

The feedback and appreciation you will receive from teachers, coordinators and employers really gives you a huge personal boost. As an ambassador, you will have a successful impact on young people in shaping their decisions at such an important part of their life, and that is a very rewarding feeling.

It’s also a great opportunity for personal reflection, looking back at what you’ve achieved and realising how far you’ve come.

Go Construct STEM Ambassadors form a vital part of the industry, and are greatly appreciated by all those within it.

You’ve convinced me! Where do I sign up?

To register as a Go Construct STEM Ambassador, click the link here.

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