Although you may not have got into construction for the money, it’s always nice to know which jobs could make you the most.

Which is why we’ve put this article together, showing you the jobs that pay the most in the industry.  

How do construction salaries vary across the UK? 

As with most jobs across all industries, certain areas of the UK pay more than others. For example, in 2019 London and the South East construction salaries were a staggering 46% higher than those in other regions, and the North East was 11% lower than the UK average.  

The top paying careers in construction 

These are all roles that are currently the highest paying in construction*. Note that all the salaries mentioned are average and might change depending on which region and company you work in. This article is a guide to help you know roughly what to expect. 


Architects can be highly paid depending on the types of project they design, as they are sometimes responsible for shaping entire landscapes or environments. Demanding creativity as well as an understanding of safety and efficient purpose, they can make between £40k - £60k a year.  

Bid manager 

This role is crucial to winning new work. A bid manager is responsible for preparing and writing the detailed commercial documents companies submit to win new contracts. Salaries for bid managers range from £25k - £70k. 

Building control surveyor 

building control surveyor makes sure projects are made safely. They also visit sites to check whether demolition is necessary, or if a building or structure can be repaired. They can make between £22k - £60k a year. 

Civil engineer 

Large construction projects take a significant amount of planning. A civil engineer will work with blueprints, technology, surveys, and data to design and manage these projects, helping to minimise the environmental impact. They can earn between £20k - £80k. 

Commercial manager 

This role is about managing budgets for large-scale construction projects. Commercial managers negotiate costs, monitor deadlines for work as well as payment, plus source additional services and resources. They earn between £22k - £70K. 

Construction director 

A little like a project director, but specifically concentrating on building projects, construction directors manage schedules of work and delegate tasks to senior colleagues and their teams. Their salary runs from £50k - £100k. 

Electrical project manager 

Electrical project managers have a lot of responsibility because they oversee the installation and maintenance work of electrical systems. These could supply entire housing estates or businesses, requiring the utmost in safety and efficiency. They can make between £40k - £75K. 

Project director 

Being in charge of a construction project comes with a lot of responsibility. Project directors will make sure everything runs smoothly, from finances to each individual phase of work. They earn between £40k - £100k per year. 

Quantity surveyor 

This role is all about controlling costs and meeting legal and quality standards. Quantity surveyors work across all types of construction projects, from commercial to industrial, and at every stage of the project too. They earn between £25k - £65k.  

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*information is correct as of December 2020