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The WOW Show

The WOW Show breaks down the walls between the classroom and the workplace – and creates memorable encounters with inspirational people.

What is The WOW Show?

The WOW Show is an award-winning online channel creating real-life encounters with the world of work to inspire young people about their futures. 

Go Construct has partnered with The WOW Show to shine a spotlight on different aspects of the construction industry that young people may not be familiar with and to show them the tremendous scope of career opportunities available for everyone. 

Who wants that job

The WOW Show resources

Broadcasting to schools across the UK, The WOW Show uses an editorial combination of high-quality films, investigative journalism and live Q&A with experts to provide fresh and relevant information about modern workplaces. 

Watch the special Construction Show here and find all the individual construction stories on The WOW Show website. Each Show is also supported with lesson plans authored by teachers which link the programme content directly to the curriculum.

You can see the range of WOW Show Teacher Resources here, where you will find each listed under the particular Show.

Find out more

To find out more about The WOW Show and register free to receive all films and materials as soon as they are released, head to The WOW Show website below.

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