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The changing culture of construction

There's more to construction than hard-hats...

In fact, there are more than two million people in various construction roles, meaning it’s one of the biggest and most diverse sectors in the country!

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An inclusive and varied workplace

Employers are drawing on the skills of people from a wide range of backgrounds to make the most of advances in technology and ways of working.

As the industry has evolved, construction jobs and workplaces have become fairer, inclusive and more respectful, with firms focusing on nurturing and retaining high-performing staff from all backgrounds.

Work that inspires

Research carried out by the Construction Industry Council into working practices in the building trades had some impressive results: 

  • 83% of workers in the building trades are proud of their jobs
  • Over half – 55% – of those polled said they have an inspiring job to go to every day.

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Promoting positive values

Leading industry figures are placing equality at the heart of their business. Employers are looking for ways to create an inclusive workplace in order to attract new talent, ensure staff are happy and committed, and improve productivity. What's more, some of the industry’s biggest customers choose to hire construction companies because they have staff from a wide range of backgrounds.

Look out for firms that have signed up to the following schemes aimed at promoting positive values:

More than ever, construction companies are demanding talent from diverse groups to ensure the industry sees positive changes in working culture for many years to come.

Accessing Architecture

Architecture is the design and development of buildings and environments for society; it affects the entire population and should be inclusive and accessible to all.

Accessing Architecture is a suite of three guides giving practical advice and support for people with disabilities at every stage of their career, from considering an architecture job, progressing through architectural education, and then working to achieve their potential within the profession.

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