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SOS: Sustainable outreach shelter challenge

SOS: Sustainable Outreach Shelter Challenge

Learners imagine themselves as Engineers and create a newspaper article describing how they’ve transformed a stadium into a place that provides shelter for those who need it most.

In your Challenge Pack, you’ll find everything you need to get your young people working on an amazing project, at school or at home.

This challenge is delivered by our partner Class Of Your Own. Visit their website for more information.

Sustainable shelter challenge

The zipped file contains four PDF files:

  • Challenge Brief
  • Teacher and Parent Guidance
  • DEC Times Newspaper Headline Story
  • DEC Discover Award Certificate

Start with the Newspaper Headline Story, the challenge is laid out in the Challenge Brief, and there’s guidance for you in the Teacher/Parent Guide.

Once your young people have completed the challenge, you can present them with a personalised DEC Award Certificate.

Who is it for?

A perfect bite-sized project to introduce young people to the exciting world of the Built Environment for the first time. Suitable for learners up to 16 years of age – a great addition to their CVs.

How long will it take?

The task should take a collective 15 hours to complete, and will end with students producing a finished newspaper article. 

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