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Asset Manager

An asset manager is responsible for managing, monitoring and keeping track of the many and varied assets owned by a company.

The role

  • Asset Managers are needed as construction companies invest a great deal of money in equipment – both owned and leased. 
  • Monitoring materials, tools, equipment and supplies
  • Making sure that records are up to date and accurate
  • Working with computer-based systems to maintain and analyse spreadsheets
  • Ensuring that assets are used as effectively as possible to maximise profitability
  • Liaising with suppliers
  • Preparing inventory of all assets
  • Implementing maintenance programmes that ensure that equipment and plant keeps running
  • Getting the best price for surplus assets
  • Liaising with maintenance teams to work with advanced internet-based tracking technologies and sophisticated asset management systems.
  • A typical working week would involve standard office working hours, Monday-Friday. But there may be times where you'll need to work late, particularly in more senior roles.

Qualifications and training

While some asset managers achieve this position through industry experience, a career in asset management today will generally require a degree or equivalent in a subject such as Building and Construction, or associated, relevant subjects such as Business Studies, Finance, Statistics or Accounting.

Many also go on to undertake further study as part of a Masters degree, or by acquiring additional skills though training initiatives such as the Endorsed Training Scheme (ETS) supported by the Institute of Asset Management (IAM).


  • Newly trained asset managers can earn in the region of £19,000-£21,000
  • Trained with experience asset managers can earn in the region of £38,000-£40,000
  • Senior asset managers can earn in the region of £40,000-£50,000

Salaries typically depend on location, employer and level of responsibility. Salaries and career options improve with chartered status.




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