Tunnelling operative

Tunnelling operative

Tunnelling operatives build the underground tunnels needed for services such as rail lines and water works.

The Role

  • Tunnelling operatives build the underground tunnels needed for services such as rail lines and water works
  • Operatives also use computers with construction management software to help keep the work running smoothly
  • Most tunnellers start out working in the pit bottom removing earth, rock and other waste materials before becoming qualified
  • Tunnelling operatives have to be able to work in a confined environment for long periods of time, as some tunnels are several kilometres long
  • Preparing the site for tunnelling work
  • Organising the delivery and storage of all the equipment
  • Ensuring the correct materials are available for the team to start work


  • Newly trained Tunnelling Operatives can earn in the region of £17,000£20,000
  • Trained with experience Tunnelling Operatives can earn in the region of £20,000£25,000
  • Senior Tunnelling Operatives can earn in excess of £25,000

Salaries typically range depending on location and level of responsibility. Salaries and career options improve with chartered status.

Qualifications and Training

There are no set qualifications for becoming a tunnelling operative, but it helps to have GCSEs or Standard Grades in Maths and English or their equivalents such as BTEC, Welsh Baccalaureate, WJEC in Construction or Standard Grades/Scottish National 4 or 5s.

Employers may be more interested in whether you have onsite experience as a labourer before moving you on to becoming qualified in tunnelling through an apprenticeship or college course.  

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