Anjali has to be an all-rounder. She specialises in quantity surveying, health and safety, and sustainability and helps with project management and accounts.

I worked my way up from trainee to project surveyor.

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Age 24
Based United Kingdom
Employer Freelance

What made you want to work in construction?

I went to university, feeling it was expected of me. After two unhappy weeks, I left to join the family business and pursue my dream of working in construction.

A Day In The Life of a Project Surveyor | 01:42

How did you become interested in construction?

Growing up, my dad used to bring home technical drawings, and I'd help him do takeoffs – the way you measure building materials on-site.

How do you see yourself in construction?

I don’t fit the stereotype of a construction worker! I'm determined to challenge and change perceptions, believing you can respect tradition and culture without fitting into a mould.

What do yo love about being a project surveyor?

Seeing building projects come to life gives me motivation. I love the idea that they could be around longer than the people who built them.

What was your educational pathway to becoming a project surveyor?

As a trainee project surveyor, I just needed GCSEs and A levels. I developed my knowledge at the firm and returned to university to do a construction-related degree.