Exciting construction projects are happening all the time, across the world, and we're about to take a look at the tallest buildings that are under construction right now. Reaching new heights, quite literally, these buildings are testament to what working in construction can lead to. Read on to learn all about these amazing buildings and the architects.

Jeddah Tower, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia - 3,281 feet 

Jeddah Tower previously known as Kingdom Tower is planned to be the world's first 1 km (3,281 ft) high building. Once finished it will be the centrepiece of a tourist attraction known as Jeddah Economic City. The design of the tower was created by American architect Adrian Smith, who also designed the Burj Khalifa, but the leader of the project is Saudi Arabian prince Al-Waleed bin Talal. 

Both Smith and Al-Waleed were inspired by leaves shooting up from the ground, designing the building to look that way, symbolising growth and prosperity. At the very top, a massive penthouse will allow a family to live in the very crown of the building. Originally designed as a helipad, a circular sky terrace protrudes from one of the top levels, the highest of its kind in the world. 

Merdeka PNB118, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - 2,113 feet 

Merdeka 118 is a 118-storey, 644-metre (2,113-ft) skyscraper currently under construction in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Once finished, it will be the tallest building in Malaysia and Southeast Asia, and the second-tallest building in the world. 

The tower is designed with a mixture of diamond shaped facets, meant to signify the diversity of Malaysians. The four top floors will be used as an observation deck and museum. The building is constructed from glass and steel, with plenty inside including a shopping complex, offices, and residential areas.  

Wuhan Greenland Center, Wuhan, China - 2,087 feet 

This enormous tower is being built on the banks of the Yangtze River and will incorporate offices, apartments, and hotel rooms.  Although redesigned due to airspace regulations, so its height does not exceed 500 meters above sea level, its design takes stability into account, with a triangular floor plan which gently narrows along its height to protect against intense winds and seismic events.  

At the top of the tower there will be a dome completely clad in glass, which will be illuminated for dramatic effect. Below, the building is structured with portions of floors set back, creating ‘slots’ in the overall frame to reduce the impact of winds.  

Grand Rama 9 Tower, Bangkok, Thailand - 2,018 feet 

Due to be completed in 2021, The Grand Rama 9 Tower, (formerly known as Rama IX Super Tower), is a skyscraper in Bangkok, Thailand. Planned to be 125 floors, 615 m (2,018 ft) tall, it will become the tallest building in Thailand, a record currently held by Magnolias Waterfront Residences, which is 316 m (1,037 ft) tall.  

The lower levels of the tower are to be Thailand’s first 24-hour office space, with over 90,000 square metres of space. Upper floors will be a 6-star hotel, with an observation deck for visitors and tourists at the very top of the building. Designed by Architects 49 Ltd, Grand Rama 9 will be certified as platinum level of US Green Building’s Council's Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED), eco-friendly and energy efficient.  

Global Financial Center Tower 1, Shenyeng, China - 1,864 feet 

Global Financial Center Tower 1 is set to be completed in 2021, acting as an impressive centrepiece to the central business district of Shenyang, known not only as the nation’s first industrial city, but also as the ancestral home of the Qing Dynasty emperors. It will sit in the ‘Golden Corridor’, overlooking a park and the Nanyun River.  

At the top of the building will sit a giant ‘pearl’, 50 metres in diameter, which will form an exclusive executives club, while lower levels will hold office space. As it forms part of a complex, five luxury high-rise residential buildings will surround the tower, each rising approximately 200 meters above a podium which also includes a shopping mall. 

Skyfame Center Landmark Tower, Nanning, China - 1,732 feet 

Due for unveiling in 2023, this building is planned to reach the lofty height of 1,732 feet with 72 floors above ground. Plans have been particularly secretive about this project, but we do know it will be in the city of Nanning in the south of China, close to the country’s border with Vietnam.  

Its name comes from the company behind the construction project, Skyfame Limited, but they have yet to release any official plans or pictures of what the building might look like upon completion. Some rumours include that it will be a particularly green building, to take into account Nanning’s ‘Green City’ nickname. The city is well-known for an abundance of subtropical foliage and its beautiful People’s Park at its centre.  

Evergrande International, Hefei, China - 1,699 feet 

Set to be the tallest building in Anhui province and one of the tallest buildings in the world upon completion, construction is currently on hold after starting in 2016. With around 112 floors containing offices, residential properties, and hotel suites, this will be the very first skyscraper in Hefei, being led by construction group Atkins.   

When work begins there will be four more shorter structures surrounding the central tower, all five being bamboo shaped. KY Cheung, Atkins' project design director, said: "Our design concept was inspired by bamboo, which according to Chinese culture, represents prosperity and elegance.” 

Central Park Tower, New York City, USA - 1,550 feet 

This luxury residential building will sit on Billionaire’s Row on 57th Street in Midtown Manhattan, becoming the second-tallest skyscraper in the United States once complete in around late 2020/ early 2021.  

As well as high-end living quarters, the 14th floor will feature the ‘Central Park Club’ with a lounge, theatre, conference room, play area, and a tween lounge. Construction has included using expensive materials for the interiors such as white oak floors and custom-made furniture pieces. The first seven floors of the tower are a Nordstrom department store, which is why some refer to the tower as ‘The Nordstrom Tower’.  

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