Solar panel installer on a roof installing a solar panel.
As a solar panel installer, you’ll be bringing clean energy to rooftops one step at a time.

Why choose a green construction career? The answer is simple.  

If you’re looking to contribute to a sustainable future, or you’re keen to stay at the forefront of innovation in the construction industry, then a green construction career could be the perfect option. 

In an industry that’s constantly developing its approach to sustainability and becoming ever more environmentally conscious, there are plenty of sustainable career opportunities to suit all interests and skills.  

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Environmental advisor 

Also known as an environmental consultant, an environmental advisor in a construction company is responsible for ensuring that all environmental regulations and targets are met for each project. Whether it is reducing pollution or minimising waste, anyone who loves to approach a problem strategically should consider this as a possible sustainable career option.  


Sustainability specialist 

Responsible for assessing the carbon footprint of each construction project, a sustainability specialist plays a crucial role in ensuring environmentally responsible and sustainable practices are used throughout the entire construction process. Not only can they help businesses save money and make progress with developments, but more importantly they can help reduce the impact that each project has on the environment for the wider world.  



For anyone with a strong passion for protecting and conserving the environment, the role of an ecologist in a construction company is the perfect job for you. As an ecologist, you’ll be in charge of studying the relationship between plants, animals, and their environment and reporting on the impact the proposed construction work could have on this.  


Wind turbine engineer 

Sometimes referred to as an energy engineer or renewable energy engineer, wind turbine engineers research, design and oversee the build of onshore and offshore wind farms and power plants. For anyone who wants to put their engineering skills to use in an environmentally conscious way, this could be the ideal construction career for you.  


Renewable energy analyst 

A renewable energy analyst plays a crucial role in assessing, planning, and implementing renewable energy solutions within construction projects. For example, their work actively helps create green buildings that reduce the negative impact on the environment by lessening emissions and employing renewable energy sources.


Solar panel installer 

If you have a head for heights and fancy a more ‘hands-on approach’ to sustainable construction, then the role of solar panel installer has your name all over it. Responsible for installing and maintaining solar panels on roofs for different types of buildings, this is the perfect green construction career for anyone who loves the outdoors. 


Wind energy analyst 

A wind energy analyst tests different types of wind technology, including wind turbines, to measure their efficiency and improve energy production. Working across national and international construction projects, this is an ideal role for anyone keen to make practical use of their renewable energy knowledge. 


Environmental engineer 

Encompassing numerous tasks that focus on reducing waste and pollution during any given construction project, environmental engineers play a significant role in helping to ensure sustainable property developments. Not only do they optimise projects to maximise the use of natural resources and existing materials, but they also develop renewable energy resources to help keep projects as green as possible.  

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