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Degree Apprenticeships

These are similar to Higher Apprenticeships, but you can use this to gain a full bachelor's degree (Level 6) or master’s degree (Level 7).

As with all the other apprenticeships, you work and study, although this time you study at a university. A Higher Apprenticeship takes around three to six years to complete, depending on the course level. They are currently only available in England and Wales, although applications can be made from all parts of the UK. 

What qualifications do I need to apply for a degree Apprenticeship? 

Degree apprenticeships have varying entry requirements, but typically they require level 3 qualifications. These qualifications can include an advanced apprenticeship, A-Levels, BTEC, or NVQ. However, if you possess industry experience, recent qualifications may not be necessary or you may require fewer of them.

I have completed a Degree Apprenticeship. What’s next?

Upon completing your apprenticeship, you can transition directly into a full-time position within an organization.

Begin an apprenticeship in construction

Construction apprenticeships are a fantastic way to get into the industry. We have all the information here for you to make a start, from what roles are available, to a personality quiz. These will help you find the best type of roles that suit who you are and how you like to work.  

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