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Building Bridges CREST Challenge - Bronze Level

Activity Name: 
Building Bridges CREST Challenge - Bronze Level

Activity Descriptor: 
This is a team activity where participants must design a bridge to go across the Learning River, considering the client’s expectations regarding drainage, sustainability, aesthetics and the environment.

The project should commence with a site visit to at least one bridge. There is no requirement for this to be a ‘live’ site.

Participants need to be supported in their work by a mentor. This person can be from industry or alternatively could be an activity lead or a group leader.

Activity Aims:  CREST Awards aim to raise awareness of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) amongst young people and to highlight the careers linked to these subjects.

By the end of the project participants should have produced a site plan of the bridge and surrounding area and an individual reflective report on what they have learned. They should also outline each individual’s role within the team

Audience (Recommended Age):  11-16 years.

Building Bridges CREST Challenge - Bronze Level

Group Size:  We recommend a maximum group size of 15–20, with four or five in each team. Companies hosting site visits may need to restrict numbers accessing a ‘live’ site at a given time.

Further Information:  For full details on the activity please see the Activity Cover Sheet which provides information on:

  • Preparation and Resources required
  • Curriculum /Sector/Employability Skills links
  • Extension Activities
  • Suggested Timetable

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