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Compliance Manager

Compliance managers ensure that a business, its employees and its projects comply with all relevant regulations and specifications, as well as any ethical policies the company may have laid down.

The role

  • Working closely with teams across the business to make sure each member is aware of his or her role in compliance.
  • This will involve detailed research, documentation, risk assessments, training programmes and liaison with external bodies. 
  • A continual process of planning, implementation, inspections and communication with others.
  • Visiting sites to ensure that agreed procedures are being implemented
  • Carrying out reviews of processes
  • Maintaining records of compliance practices
  • Filing documentation with relevant bodies
  • Producing training materials that help others understand their role in compliance
  • Sharing best practice throughout the business
  • Adapting plans based on feedback from others
  • Keeping abreast with changing industry and legal requirements
  • Usually work standard office hours, Monday to Friday, but there may be times where overtime will be needed, particularly in more senior roles.

Qualifications and training

There are a number of routes that can lead to a position as compliance manager but many enter via a graduate training scheme. This will require a degree or equivalent in a subject such as Health & Safety, Business Administration, Building Services or other relevant field.

Once in position, further qualifications can also be gained from the ICA (International Compliance Association):

  • ICA Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Governance, Risk and Compliance
  • ICA Advanced Certificate in Compliance
  • ICA Diploma in Governance, Risk and Compliance

Education beyond degree level is also available in the form of an MSc in Law, Governance, Risk and Compliance.


  • Newly trained compliance managers can earn in the region of £30,000-£35,000
  • Trained with experience compliance managers can earn in the region of £35,000-£55,000
  • Senior compliance managers can earn in the region of £55,000-£70,000.

Salaries typically depend on location, employer and level of responsibility. 




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