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Rig driver

Rig drivers operate construction equipment to drive columns of wood, steel or concrete into the ground to support buildings and other structures.

The role

  • Repairing and maintaining equipment
  • Giving information to colleagues about projects
  • Identifying the position of underground services (such as pipes or wires) before starting work
  • Working on all kinds of piling operations such as driven piling and rotary bore piling

Qualifications and training

Rig drivers are often trained first in a skill such as driven piling or bored piling. Then, with experience, given further training in a variety of piling types. Training is often carried out on the job under the supervision of experienced colleagues. 


  • Newly trained Rig Drivers can earn in the region of £20,000 - £25,000
  • Trained with experience Rig Drivers can earn in the region of £25,000 - £30,000
  • Senior / Advanced Rig Drivers can earn in the region of £30,000 - £45,000
  • Self-employed Rig Drivers set their own pay rates

Salaries will depend on location, employer and any overtime you do.




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