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House Building Careers Building Communities

Activity name:

Building Communities - How Geography Shapes House Building


Activity Descriptor: 

A suite of 10 Powerpoint presentations and topical lesson plans exploring the geographical and sociological aspects and impacts of house building. 

Activity Aims: 

To encourage investigation and research through ten themed lessons.  Participants' will gain an understanding of how geography shapes house building.

Themes cover:

  1. Why we need new homes
  2. How populations have changed across the UK
  3. How builders meet local needs
  4. What is a sustainable community? 
  5. How council make decisions about where to build new homes
  6. Where new homes should be built
  7. Building homes in challenging environments
  8. How new homes can be made more energy efficient
NHBC Foundation: Find your career in the house-building industry | 01:22

 Audience (Recommended Age): 

11 - 16 years (All activities are linked to the curriculum for Key Stages 3 and 4 in England). 

House Building Careers Building Communities

Group size: 

There is no restriction on the number of participants.

Further information: 

This resource can be linked to Explore Housebuilding  and Green Living activities. Further information can also be found at  Geographical Association and Housebuilding Careers

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