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Plastering and drywall systems competition overview

Plastering and Drywall Systems specialists install internal linings to buildings using lightweight steel frame systems, plasterboards and plaster products.

A dryliner creates new walls, rooms and corridors within a building. They also encase pipes and wires, create space for insulation and smooth out uneven surfaces during renovation work. Dryliners are skilled in building the internal walls in all types of buildings, using metal stud partitioning and plasterboard sheets. They also put in partitions that can move location later if needed, along with suspended ceilings and raised flooring.

This competition has been designed to reflect the role of a plasterer and dryliner and the standards that are expected within the construction industry.


Competition overview

Competitors will be marked throughout the competition:

  • Competitors will work to tolerances of + or - 2mm
  • Competitors will gain marks for dimensional accuracy, plumbing, squaring and levelling their work as well as surface finish
  • Marks will be lost for inaccuracies, untidy or unsafe working practices and poor-quality finishing
  • Competitors have to work in a safe manner and will lose marks if this is not adhered to

General information:

  • At the Regional Qualifiers the maximum working time for the task is 6 hours
  • At the UK National Final, the maximum working time for the task is 18 hours
  • SkillBuild UK National Final competitors could progress onto EuroSkills and WorldSkills competitions if all the relevant criteria have been met


Core competencies

To take part in this competition you should be able to:

  • Interpret drawings
  • Set out partitions, allowing for openings and returns
  • Measure and cut metal studwork and plasterboard to set dimensions
  • Fix boards to studwork in line with industry standards
  • Create openings in partitions
  • Tape and joint the completed partitions
  • Fix beads and tapes to openings and external angles
  • Apply finishing costs where required
  • Keep the work area clean and tidy
  • Work in a safe manner
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