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Mike Poole - Construction Story
18 December 2015

Mike Poole - Construction Story

Mike Poole is passionate about his work as a painter & decorator, taking on new apprentices to give them real-life experience in the industry. Find out more.
What is Construction 4.0?
25 February 2021

What is Construction 4.0?

Read about Construction 4.0 to discover what it is and why it’s important for the future of the industry.
Cardiff Takes The Lead On Greener Cities
07 December 2015

Cardiff Green City

In Cardiff, they’re about to take green infrastructure to the next level. Find out how urban areas can lower their environmental impact and boost sustainability.
LGBTQ+ in sight, on site: Reconciliation
26 February 2019

LGBTQ+ in sight, on site: Reconciliation

During LGBTQ+ History Month, we find out what it’s really like to come out in the construction industry. Pioneer and activist, Christina Riley, Senior Planner at Kier Group, talks to us about her experiences.
Construction careers of the future
25 January 2021

Construction careers of the future

The construction industry is adapting for the future with the use of new technologies and skills. What will construction jobs of the future look like?
Increasing ethnic diversity in the construction industry
17 October 2023

Ethnic diversity in construction

More people from black, Asian and ethnic minority backgrounds are choosing careers in construction and succeeding. Find out why diversity in the construction industry is important.
The ‘lass’ on site who loves her job
04 March 2016

Karmen Stewart

Karmen found it hard to get the bricklaying apprenticeship she wanted. Some employers weren’t sure about taking on a woman but now she’s two years in at Taylor Wimpey and loving it.
Inspired by diversity, built in Britain
10 November 2017

Inspired by diversity, built in Britain

International influences are all over the built environment – even in our most cherished national monuments. Find out how diversity is a crucial part of construction.
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